just saw modern baseball, citizen, real friends, fireworks and the wonder years. its was crazy. first was modern baseball but i dont really know any of their songs but they were good, joked about it being the battle of the bands hahah :’) the guitarist or bassist idk which, he was literally just having the best time up on stage he just looked soooo happy to being doing what he was doing and it was great. then citizen was on and they are incredibly good live. The crowd was insane, the room just filled with so much energy. these kids screaming the lyrics & staring at the singer hoping he shares the mic. its just so much passion packed in one place it was amazing. i met mat after the show it was so cool, he was just sitting eating pizza with with dan from real friends. all the bands are so humble and it makes me happyy. citizens setlist was perfect. real friends was really good too, dan may or may not be my favourite person. Met him before the show and hes so adorable i wanna cry. He kept letting the crowd sing and he just got the best smile while he listened. Sometimes he just got that real genuine smile in the middle of a line and its so wonderful seeing someone do what they love, and you can tell all this bands work hard and appreciate everything. I was in front the whole time right beside like 5 speakers so basically im deaf. i cant tell if im still hearing music now or not. Next was fireworks i saw them with ATL awhile ago, still just as good. Then the wonder years was complete insanity!! people where sitting on stage, standing, running on and jumping off, a loooot of crowd surfers came up on stage bc no barricade. their manger literally was on stage the whole set just pushing away crowdsurfers and making sure nobody got hurt. But holy shit they were so lovely live, idk i just felt the engery and its like you feel every single lyrics and every emotion behind it and it makes for an amazing experience. This concert really made me realize what it is i love about this music scene. Like been to a ton of concerts bunch of genres. The thing is though, they dont make me feel like all these bands do. i am sooo thankful for tonight. 

Even Robots Need Blankets
- Mayday Parade (Monsters in the Closet)

REAL FRIENDS - I’ve Given Up On You (x)

This song gives me too many feels.

Brendon Urie by Sarah.Hoffman on Flickr.


The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me


Skeletons // Real Friends
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Heading out in tour with @alltimelow again here in a few days. Excited to get back at it with them.